How It Works

The Sunward Solar Hot Water System is designed to:

  • Collect the sun’s energy
  • Transport the sun’s energy into your home
  • Transfer the sun’s heat to your water
  • Supplement your existing water supply with solar-heated water

The Sunward System is designed to work in any climate. The system does not heat the water you use for washing and bathing directly. Instead, a fluid called Glycol (a non-toxic, food-grade anti-freeze) is circulated through the Sunward System. The Glycol captures the sun’s heat and transports that heat to the ‘Heat Exchanger’ unit where it is transferred to water and stored, ready to supplement your existing water supply.

The Heat Exchanger unit allows the transfer of heat from the Glycol to your water supply without the two mixing.

The entire Sunward System has only one moving part — a magnetic-drive pump, to circulate the Glycol. Unique to Sunward, this pump is powered by small Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel, so the system requires no external power source.