When we decided to start Sunward and provide simple solar hot water, we made a decision that was equally as simple. And important. Instead of trying to “re-create the wheel” and develop new solar hot water technology, we scoured the planet for an existing and proven technology. And while we found many good technology platforms for the Sunward system, one stood above the rest. In fact, when we came across this technology, there was no other option.

Our search led us to Halifax, Nova Scotia. There in Canada, we had the fortune of meeting a true pioneer in the world of solar hot water – Professor Peter Allen.

For nearly thirty years, Peter has been extensively and exhaustively perfecting a solar hot water system in Canada that is, without question, the most simple and proven technology in the world, which you can read more about. Peter’s impressive background in engineering, research and design has fueled his passion for developing a solar hot water system that can work in any climate, will withstand harsh weather, is virtually maintenance-free and most importantly; maximizes the sun’s energy and its ability to make our water warm.

Sunward decided to partner with Peter Allen and create the Sunward Solar Hot Water System.