About Us

Sunward™ is a company that was started to fill a void. Homeowners were desperately looking for more efficient, planet-friendly and cost-saving ways to deal with their energy. And solar hot water made perfect sense. Yet, no company had connected the dots for homeowners. Until Sunward.

Sunward is a US company, headquartered in Vermont, and is an affiliate of Country Home Products. For over 25 years, Country Home Products has been designing and manufacturing hard-working, long-lasting, purpose-built tools to help people get the most enjoyment from the places they call home.

The DR® family of equipment – from legendary DR Field and Brush Mowers to Rapid-Feed Chippers and Towable Backhoes – are just a few examples of Country Home Products’ commitment to quality and value. Neuton Power Equipment – another member of the Country Home Products family – produces the leading battery-powered lawn mower in America..

These two flagship brands represent the high level of product design, rigorous testing and responsive customer service that more than one million customers have come to expect from Country Home Products.

Sunward Solar Hot Water Systems have been developed with the same dedication to exceeding the needs of customers by delivering products that work as advertised and are supported by a company of real people who are always ready to provide support and assistance.

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