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Transport Energy To Your System

Once the sun’s energy has heated the Glycol fluid in the Solar Collector, the fluid is pumped to the Heat Exchanger.

The Glycol travels from the Solar Collector to the Heat Exchanger through our exclusive Sunward Micro-Tubing. This 3/8″ copper tubing is flexible, so it can be easily routed from the Collector to the Heat Exchanger without the need to cut solid pipe and solder joints at every turn.

The Micro-Tubing is pre-insulated at our factory, which greatly reduces the amount of labor you’ll have to perform during installation.…

Collect The Sun’s Energy

Sunward Solar Collectors have one primary purpose — to capture solar radiation.

Each Solar Collector is a sturdy, glass-paneled 4′ x 8′ box, which is insulated. Placed at the proper angle — on your roof or on the ground — the Collector efficiently captures the sun’s energy.

As sunlight travels through the glazed glass it heats the tubing. Inside the copper tubing is a heat transfer fluid called Glycol. This non-toxic food-grade anti-freeze absorbs the heat from the sun. The fluid is then pumped to a Heat Exchanger where the heat is transferred to your water supply.  You can read more about how it works and that will give you a better understanding of what is actually going on.…